Demo 1

This demo is a Patatap clone. Press any letter key and watch your computer turn into a music instrument!
Note: not optimized for mobile

Demo 2

This demo is a simple to do list. It showcases my use of jquery.

Demo 3

This is a simple game demo. Train your brain to match the right rgb to the correct color!

Demo 4

Another simple game demo. This is an rpg game based on DBZ.

Demo 5

A Retro Video Game hangman project. Note: Not Responsive. I advise playing in full screen inside browser

Demo 6

A Hip Hop Trivia Game.

Demo 7

This is gif viewer app that makes ajax request to the giphy API.

Demo 8

This is an online multiplayer rock, paper, scissors game. It was built using firebase.

Demo 9

A Nine-track-capable in-browser digital audio workstation that allows users to create music, view others' creations, and even contribute to community projects.